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Sustainable and fair finance


It is not always easy to label what we do and who we are. Our story began in June 2017 by the crazy idea of building a new capital market that really helps in a small Eastern European country that has a zero capital market tradition.

And here we are! :-)


STARTEEPO, financial group founded by economist Frantisek Bostl, operates primarily in the areas of corporate finance and asset management. We are young and fully independent. With sharp elbows but with our hearts in the right place.

Our projects have one common goal. The same mission that never ends... To fund great businesses and to give investors a real dimension of their money.

We are building sustainable and fair capital market.

Our mission

START Market

START is a new market segment on Prague Stock Exchange designed for SME companies looking to raise a new capital. Alternatively, the company owners could capitalise their shares and make a full or partial exit on this public market. 

Our partnership with Prague Stock Exchange began in 2017. Despite difficult beginnings, the START market is now very popular among Czech and foreign investors.

START has already helped 15 Czech companies and attracted thousands of new investors to the Prague Stock Exchange. More about START Market.

From the beginning we were the driving force of the START Market. We now remain as a specialized IPO boutique and we have already helped SMEs to raise 1.7 bln. CZK (70 mil. EUR) in capital through IPOs and bonds.

START Market

New Age Fund

Our first active managed investment fund is focused on investing in global equities of ethical companies of the new economy. The portfolio includes companies from the segment of renewable energy, 5G, smart grid, electromobility, etc. The portfolio changes over time and investments are made on the basis of value financial analysis. Because the fundamentals are the king.


We are not the biggest asset manager. We are the most badass! During covid-19, our strategy showed its qualities. By far we were the only profitable equity fund in Q1 2020! Just look at MorningStar. All our competitors and stock indices erased losses of over 30 percent. And we were in profit of over 4 percent. The fundamentals are simply the king!

New Age Fund

Czegg Ventures

Our second investment fund is investing in shares and bonds of Czech SMEs on Prague Stock Exchange. For example we are the biggest minority shareholder of the czech shoe manufacturer Prabos, of the only leather processor north of the Alps KARO or of the software house eMan.

Czegg Ventures was established in June 2020 and no other fund is being talked about in our country. We are helping companies and we give our clients the opportunity to make a proud and fair investment in traditional family companies and in growing businesses. With 22 % p.a. returns since its inception!

Czegg Ventures
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